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Feeling Like Fall in March

I love this weather. The sun is shining and it is crisp outside. It reminds me of the fall. I don't think I ever showed you the pics from the pumpkin patch I went to with Erin and her mom. All those apples, apple cider, caramel apples and apple pie. Then the pumpkins!!! And....the pumpkin pie. I can fit an entire apple pie and pumpkin pie into my beak at the same time! It's the beauty of a big beak!

This last picture is of Ruthi. She is the lady that illustrates ALL my books. She created the Peri the Pelican doll. She is the one that makes me come to life. She also happens to be Erin's mom. Erin is the gal that writes ALL my travel stories and helps me type my blogs. (It's hard to type with wings. So, I dictate and Erin types.) By the way, Erin can't draw AT ALL. When Erin draws it is NOT pretty. But she can write...

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