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E.M. Holzman has been writing children's books for over 20 years. She earned a Master's in English Literature with an Emphasis in Children's Literature from Harvard University. She gets her inspiration EVERYWHERE! People she meets, traveling, hearing stories and just every day life experiences. Her first children's story was Meredith McKay's D-Day, which is almost spot on her experience with her parents divorce. She wanted kids to not feel alone in the process. The Peri books are travel books for kids because she wants to inspire kids to explore the world.The other stories come from a variety of ideas and inspirations. Enjoy!
Sanibel coverart.jpg
Peri's Sanibel Island Adventure

ISBN: 9781484803172


Peri's Sanibel Island Adventure is the story of a pelican named Peri named after the famous street on Sanibel called Periwinkle. Peri is a fun loving pelican who helps his friends and introduces the rest of us to Sanibel Island and the animals that are indigenous to the island. He demonstrates how being nice and helping a friend is its own reward. 
Peri's website:
He would love to hear about your travel adventures!
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Peri's Paris Adventure

ISBN: 9781492283560



Peri's Paris Adventure, Peri is on the beach on Sanibel Island when he hears a woman talking about her time in Paris. Peri asks the woman to take him to Paris with her.


This is a wonderful story about taking a chance and seeing the world through a new lens, and about friendship, and what not to miss seeing and trying while in Paris.

Peri's website:
He would love to hear about your travel adventures!
Peri's Island Adventure

ISBN: 9781981653898



Peri is a pelican that lives on an island and helps his friends, Arnold the Armadillo and Ozzie the Osprey, find a rock that was lost and not just any ole’ rock. This adventure shows kids all the fun places to visit and explore while at the same time introducing them to the birds and animals of the islands. And who knows, maybe they will discover a buried treasure? Note: If you are interested in purchasing a stuffed Peri the Pelican to accompany the book, go to this link.

Peri's website:
He would love to hear about your travel adventures!
Peri's New York City Adventure

 ISBN: 9781697709957

Peri's New York City Adventure  is  a story about Peri the Pelican and his curiosity to explore New York City. Travel with Peri all over the island of Manhattan.

Peri's website:

Boston Coverart.jpg
Cincy Cover.jpg
Peri's Boston Adventure

 ISBN: 9798745517907

Peri's Boston Adventure  is a story about Peri the Pelican going on a vacation to Boston and all the famous and off the beaten track places they go visit. This is a great book for kids and families traveling to Boston.

Peri's website:

Peri's Cincinnati Adventure

 ISBN: 9798809363006

Peri's Cincinnati Adventure  is a story about Peri the Pelican going to Cincinnati to see if flying pigs really do exist! While he is there he will go on a whirlwind tour of the city.

Peri's website:

Peri's Journey  Helping A Friend Through Cancer

 ISBN: 9781517093341


Peri's Journey (Helping A Friend Through Cancer) is a story about Peri, the pelican, who discovers his beach buddy, Griff, has been diagnosed with cancer. Peri doesn't know anything about cancer, but wants to help his friend. Peri finds ways to help Griff, and it's the best gift a friend can give to another friend.

This is a story about friendship, being there, and being supportive.

Peri's website:

For more about illustrator Matthew Hanks, you may reach him by email here.

New WGCover.jpg
The Wish Giver

ISBN: 9781490958439


The Wish Giver is the story of a boy named Jacob who moves from a farm in the Midwest to the big city of Boston, Massachusetts. He is fearful of the big city and making new friends. One day his mom takes him to a local park and suggests he throw a penny into the fountain and make a wish. What will it take to make Jacob's wish come true?

 OOT Coverart.jpg
The Old Oak Tree

ISBN: 9781494283278

​The Old Oak Tree is an old, magical tree​ near a small town in the middle of nowhere. People in this little town treasure their special tree. The tree is taken advantage of when a stranger comes to town and tries to capitalize on the tree's magical powers. In the end, the tree shows the stranger the importance of respect, boundaries and freedom.

Meredith McKay's D-Day

 ISBN: 9781532792236


Meredith McKay's D-Day is a story about a little girl, who wakes up one morning to discover her dad moving out of the family home, because her mom has asked for a divorce. The pain of divorce is hard, but Meredith McKay, will help kids realize they are not alone, and divorce doesn't mean your parents don't love you. They love you, but they can't live together anymore.

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