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E.M. HOLZMAN became interested in writing teenage novels years ago when she wrote her first teenage novel titled STEPMONSTERS, but never published it, until many years later. She later went on to write about other issues teenagers grapple with on a daily basis.  Her goal was to help teenagers learn to deal with complicated situations with humor, class and dignity.
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Turnaround Kids

ISBN: 9781492281030



Turnaround Kids are the kids that are shuffled back and forth between divorced parents. This is the story of what happens when parents get divorced and the kids go back and forth between their parents' houses.

These kids come up with an alternate idea and whether it will work or not is up to all of them. Read The Turnaround Kids to find out.


Turnaround Kids- A Primer for Parents

ISBN: 9781544239200


Turnaround Kids-A Primer for Parents. This is the parent companion to TURNAROUND KIDS. It is for parents that are dealing with their kids going through a separation/divorce that go back and forth between two parents' homes. I was a Turnaround Kid for a short time, but I have vivid memories of it. I have known lots of Turnaround Kids and I thought it was important to write a story that empowers those kids. A social worker for Cincy Public Schools (CPS) read the book and thought I should make a version for a parent, which I have done here, but this book is identical to Turnaround Kids, except for the dedication in the beginning and the space for writing notes in the back of the book for safe keeping and easy access.



ISBN: 9781076866172


Stepmonsters is what happens when your parents get divorced and  BOTH re-marry miserably? The result is stepmonsters. This is the story of two girls who ends up with two horrendous stepparents and one with a horrendous pseudo-stepparent. The horror stories of what happens, how they deal with it, and how in the end they survive it with much dignity and integrity.

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