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Peri's Travels

Peri's Sanibel Island Adventure

Peri helps his friend find his lost stone. While searching for it he discovers so much more than a silly rock. He learns how important friendship really is! This is the first book in Peri's travel series.


Peri's Island Adventure

Peri's Island Adventure is set on an island. Help Peri discover if there really is a secret treasure and if so, where is it?
While exploring, Peri and his friends discover the importance of friendship and being there for one another.


Peri's Paris Adventure

Peri has wings to fly and he wants to go explore Paris! He will learn new cultures, languages and meet new people and discover all the best places to visit in PARIS!  Climb on Peri’s back as the exploration of one of the most beautiful cities in the world unfolds right under your eyes! A fun read to inspire children to travel the world. This is the second book in Peri’s travel series.


Peri's New York City Adventure

Peri the Pelican goes to New York City to find the Big Apple. His travels take him all over the island of Manhattan. Go along with Peri on his New York City adventures. It will make you want to go to New York too!


Peri's Boston Adventure

Peri the Pelican goes on a vacation to Boston. Peri visits many places with two friends he meets along the way. This is a great travel book for kids and families visiting Boston.


Peri's Cincinnati Adventure

Peri visits Cincinnati to see if they really do have pigs that can fly! While he is there he explores the city with friends he meets along the way!


Peri's Journey- Helping A Friend Through Cancer

Peri's Journey is a story about Peri a pelican, who discovers his beach buddy, Griff, has been diagnosed with cancer.
Peri doesn't know anything about cancer, but wants to help his friend. Peri finds ways to help Griff, and it's the best gift a friend can give to another friend. A story about friendship, being there, and being supportive.


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