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ERIN MOSS would probably tell you her favorite things are: travel and food. She loves both! Where did she get her sense of adventure and wanderlust is a mystery to all, but she has it in spades, and it has served her well. Take a trip with her and maybe it will inspire you to dig out your passport too. In addition to travel and food, Erin Moss talks about that day in NYC on 9.11 and the ones that followed it in Erin's 9.11 Journal. The journals are mostly unedited and names are shortened and/or changed to protect and respect the privacy of friends and fellow travelers. Enjoy!
Erin's 9.11 Journal      

ISBN: 9781508569787

Erin's 9.11 Journal began as an email to family and friends to let them know that she was safe that tragic morning in New York City. Erin lived in lower Manhattan. Her friends kept emailing her asking her to relay the events as they unfolded.  After her initial email, she continued to inform family and friends firsthand as to what was occurring the days that followed 9.11. Erin's emails were forwarded to friends of friends and reached around the globe. Erin received correspondence from people as far as Germany, Japan, Italy, and Australia that were so touched by her personal accounts. The local paper from her hometown of Cincinnati, The Cincinnati Enquirer, caught wind of what she was doing and did an abridged version of her journal that ran for 14 consecutive days. The Baltimore Sun did a piece on Erin's 9.11 Journal and Lester Holt of MSNBC covered it on a special one-year anniversary of 9.11.

Here is Erin's 9.11 Journal uncut and unedited explaining what transpired that beautiful and catastrophic day in lower Manhattan and the days that followed. This picture on the cover captures the view of the Twin Towers from Erin's rooftop.

Lester Holt Interview One Year Anniversary of 9.11 w. Erin Holzman
Erin's Asian & Australian Adventures: Hong Kong to Tasmania to Tokyo to Shanghai to Home


​Erin decided that if she was going to travel halfway around the world to one of her best friend's weddings in Melbourne, Australia she should turn it into a trip of a lifetime and go explore parts of the world she had never seen.

​She talked her mother into traveling with her to Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Cambodia.

Then they went their separate ways in Bangkok. She talked her mother into heading ​to Bali en route back to the States and Erin headed to Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, Bali, Japan and China alone.

Erin's Seven Months in PARIS


​After living in Lower Manhattan during 9.11, it caused Erin to come to a conclusion. If any terrorists were going to bomb NYC city again and she was not as fortunate the second time to survive it, she wanted to have lived in Paris. So, she saved money and moved to Paris for 7 months not speaking a word of French. Okay, she did know Bonjour(hello) and Merci Beaucoup (thank you).

She enrolled in a French school and moved in with a French woman who spoke no English. Her Parisian experiences are enchanting and inspiring. Explore Paris with Erin!

Erin's Adventures:
From Six Months to Six Years in Manhattan


​Erin had always wanted to live in Manhattan, but being from the Midwest she was scared of that big bad city in the Northeast. She visited frequently but didn't have the guts to move there. Until one day, her cousin said to her, "Move here for six months and if you hate it leave, but at least you will have given it a try and you will have no regrets. Six months turned into six years of the most amazing experiences and tales in what Erin would deem the greatest city in the world.

Erin's Adventures: London


​Erin had been to London years ago during college, but when one of her best friend's from Australia is living there and Erin is only an hour away by plane from Paris, she decides she must revisit the city and find out all it has to offer.

Erin's Adventures: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Russia & Berlin


​Erin was crushed that an after college backpacking excursion didn't take them to Scandinavia. She vowed to go back at a later date and see these beautiful countries. ​Erin journals her stops in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Russia and Berlin.

Erin's Adventures: Turkey


​A dear friend from French class told Erin there were really cheap flights from Paris to Istanbul and she had to go see it. She made a reservation and she was off to Turkey.  What she  just didn't know is that she would meet a wonderful man while she was there that would show her a side of Turkey that most tourists don't get to see.

Erin's Adventures: Venice & Croatia


Erin decided that I could not live in Paris and not visit Venice. There is something so beautiful and magical about Venice that she visited there 2-3 times in 7 months.

She also discovered a short boat ride to Croatia and just had to go.

Erin's Adventures: Ireland


​One of Erin's best friends from when she lived in Washington,D.C. bought a house in Ireland. It would be rude not to go, especially when the plane ticket from Paris was 50 euros.


Erin rented a car and drove on the wrong side of the road and explored Ireland.

Erin's Adventures: Morocco


​Erin had a friend in Boston that raved about a trip to Morocco for her 30th birthday. Erin was living in Paris and signed up for a 15 day jaunt through Morocco and the Sahara Desert and  talked her mom into flying over and joining her for a trip of a lifetime and some very unexpected adventures.

Erin's Adventures: 2 Weeks in the French Countryside


​Erin's last two weeks in Paris, she decided to rent a car and drive all over the French countryside and explore it. What she didn't know is that she could not have picked a worse time to travel because it was the month of August and France basically shuts down in August.


She saw many wonderful sights, met interesting people, and spent a few sleepless nights sleeping in the back of the car because a lot of the hotels were already rented.Her escapades through France will have you laugh out loud and make you want to follow her tracks, but unlike her make hotel reservations. 

Erin's Adventures with her mom in Belgium & Holland


​Erin's mother had never been to Belgium or Holland. Erin accompanied her mother as tour guide and to keep her company. These are there adventures through Belgium and Holland.

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