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Healthy Humorous Clowns

Years ago, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Apple Circus clowns in New York City. I was sitting on a Board and we gave money to the clowns to support them. These clowns sole purpose is to make sick children in the hospital laugh and smile. Sadly, the Apple Circus clowns went away. Thankfully, a gal I met that day named Karen McCarty resurrected them in the form of Healthy Humor. They are now stronger and better than ever! Karen and I became friends that day in NY when she was assigned to show me and the other Board members what these clowns did/do and the service they give to not only sick children, but all that come across their paths. LITERALLY. They make the sick children laugh and smile, but they also affect the parents, the doctors, nurses, administration, the custodial staff, and just people coming to visit their friends and loved ones. I LOVE these clowns!!!

So....I followed them around the Bronx Hospital one day years ago, and they called to tell me they were coming to Cincinnati. I was lucky enough to follow them all over The Cincinnati Children's Hospital. They made me laugh all morning!!! I don't remember the last time I laughed so hard. YEARS!!! And I left that hospital...happy, because I watched them make COUNTLESS people happy. I watched children's faces light up! I LOVE these clowns!!! So, years ago when I first came across the clowns in New York, they allowed me to get into the act and they gave me an honorary red nose. I took it with me that day years later and asked if we could take a picture together! Here we are!!!

Look them up! Healthy Humor

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