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Montessori Visit for Peri the Pelican

This is so exciting! I went to a school. The kids read my book. They hugged me. Some pulled my wings. Some hid stuff in my beak. Some squeezed me real tight. One banged me against a chair. That wasn't nice, but another girl screamed at him and told him to be nice to Peri. SO THERE! Kids told me they loved me! They said they wanted a Peri the Pelican doll too. AND when they went to take a nap...they made a bed for me, and covered me with this pretty green blanket. I got to take a nap too! So, all in all it was a good day!

P.S. I had to blur the picture to protect the privacy of the school, but more importantly the kids. But I think you can kinda see my yellow beak in the background. Nifty huh? What a great day!

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