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South America

So, the gal who discovered me on the beach in Florida. Her name is Erin. The last time I blogged about going to Iceland. People were writing to Erin asking her about Iceland. Erin didn't go to Iceland. She doesn't have wings. She can't fly! I am the one who gets to travel. She arranges for me to go on these awesome trips with all these cool people! She has to stay at home (most of the time) and teach. Me, on the other hand, I get to be as free as a bird. Wait...I am a bird! I have wings. I can fly places and I do, but sometimes people take me along with them on the plane. Doesn't matter to me how I get long as I can go! I love to travel. I want to go everywhere! So, Erin has this friend, L, who took me with her husband to South America! I got to go ALL over the place..or in this case, a LOT of different countries....this includes around Cape Horn. I didn't know what Cape Horn was before I went there. I had to go the library to research all the places we went. L took great pictures of me everywhere!!! She thought it was my first cruise, so there is a picture that says my first cruise...but don't tell her that I cruised in Iceland, and a kid named, Hugh, took me on a cruise through the Panama Canal.

Here are my pics from the trip below...

Look at me by the hot tub with the water in the background and the sun shining over my shoulder.

Here I am in the Falklands with distant cousins. Everyone loves penguins and people all the time call me a penguin. Do I look anything like them? I don't see the resemblance either!

Here I am at the post office mailing postcards back to friends and family. It is so important to stay in touch.

I really rely on maps to get around places. I can't really use my cell phone when I am out of the country. It's too expensive!

It's not just clothing!!!

Relaxing and taking some "me time" is so important when traveling.

It may be hard to read this...but this is me at Cape cool is this!!! I have been to a place where so few have traveled...I know L and her hubby do a lot of cruising...I hope they take me with them next time!

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