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  • Erin Moss

My First Calendar

So...I showed you a few pictures of me with my friends Kathy and Deb who took me with them on a trip to Iceland. I told you they made a calendar for me about our trip. Well, here are some pics from the calendar that I wanted to share with you! Do you know how cool it is to have someone make a calendar for you??? It is SO super cool! I love this calendar! It constantly reminds me of my trip to Iceland! Kathy and rock!!!! Now, you will notice below that there are a LOT of names of places that I can't spell or pronounce, but still fun to see them!!!

I also got to go with Deb to NJ to help her mom move to Florida, but between us...I think I like Iceland more than New Jersey...there is nothing wrong with New Jersey...but when it comes to NJ or in Iceland...I did travel like a NJ...I rode on a box of plants!!

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