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The pelicans are HERE!!!!

Hi Everyone!

I have been so excited for 800 of my friends to arrive and they are here! It's so exciting! Neighbors came out to see the truck pull up and unload them all.

Now, we need to get all of them to all the kids who need us!!!


Here was the space my human, Erin, created between her dining room and living room for my friends. Look at the dog, I think she is scared she is going to be replaced with a pelican. Little does she know it is 800 pelicans.

Here is what it looks like after the boxes take over that space!!!

Look at my company logo on the side of the box. SWEET!!!!

Here is what transpired between the empty space and the boxes arriving to Erin's place.

Cole the driver arrives with the pelicans!!!

Are we really going to fit all these boxes in the elevator?

Wally (aka my dad's) face at the sight of all the boxes!!!

Peri hanging out on my dad's shoulder.

Peri riding the boxes on the way to my condo. So excited to open them up and see all of his friends.

Look at them! They are so excited to be here.....

Come on out...welcome!!!

Finally!!! Now, we can make a plan to go help as many kids as we can!!!! Yippeee!!!



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