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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to write about being home on Sanibel. I went to the Sanibel Grill for Crunchy Grouper. I love fish!!! Then I took long walks on the beach. I visited my friends. I saw the Cormorants, my pelican family. They were all hanging out in the trees near Beachview, which is now Sanibel Island Golf Club. I went to visit my friend's new book store location. McIntosh Books that moved to Palm Ridge Road. I went to Bailey's. I went to the Island Cow. I went to Overeasy for lunch with a bunch of dogs and their owners. That was my favorite thing to do. No, it was my second favorite thing to do. My favorite was the day I was on the beach and no one else was out there.

I love Sanibel. I hope you do too! What are your favorite things to do when you visit Sanibel? Let me know!


Here is a picture of my family in the trees!

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