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Dulce's 8th Birthday!!!

On a happy is my little girl's birthday! She is the light at the end of the tunnel, she is the dog that has kept me sane during the shelter in place...she is my favorite snuggler, my wigglebutt friend, my lovebug, my doodle bug, my best dog EVER ...last year she was a year younger than me...this year she passed me with her 8th birthday!!! So...on a happy the prettiest, kindest, cutest, most loving wonderful pooch in the me!!!! And I know all you dog lovers feel the same way about your pooches...HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DULCE!!!!

So, where I teach they asked for a picture of what we are doing suring shelter at the students could see us and what we were doing...this is a picture of Dulce and me out on our daily walk...

Stay safe and be well!!!!!

Erin and Dulce

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