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Well, this pandemic has sure turned the world upside down!

We went from being able to hug and kiss and lean into the people we love and now we just have to smile with our eyes and verbally let them know we are there and love them!

This is contrary to what you are taught...actions not words...and it still applies but in a different way! Tell the ones you love that you love them AND if you really do...stay away from them or at least 6 feet away AND visit them outdoors!

For those of us with older parents, it is super tough! Our parents are in their twilight years and more than ever we want to embrace and relish every last moment with them and we can't get near them. In a few words...It sucks!

But it is for the best! The world is opening back up and yippee for the economy, but I am still super fearful because nothing has changed!!! It is still a scary, unknown with this whack-a-do virus sharing a name with a beloved beer. I do feel sorry for Corona beer.

But more than that...MUCH more than that...I feel sorry for our parents! This is not how they wanted to spend the remaining years of their lives!!! Isolated, no hugs, no kisses, no outings. It just stinks, but we all have to remember it is for the best. We do this out of love for them! Out of respect for them! AND out of respect for others!

Sooooo...we hold tight to the memories. We use Skype, FaceTime, Messenger, WhatsUp and we connect and we smile and we laugh and we blow kisses and we remember and we love from afar!!! Because today THAT is the surest sign of showing our love!!!

I'm showing you the last picture of my dad and I at the last time right before the State of Ohio shut down and then a picture of us at our beloved Graeter's ice cream and bad Erin left her mask in the car and yippee for my dad, Wally, for wearing his...we were a little too

close for the pic but otherwise we keep the distance!

Virtually hug someone you love,

Erin Moss

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