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10 Things That Make Me Happy

Hi All!

I am back! I decided to do this writing challenge. It is 30 days. 30 different topics. It may not be all 30 if some topics don’t appeal to me, but I think I am up to the challenge.

Feel free to try these topics at home.

My first topic. List ten things that make me REALLY happy!

My first favorite is going to be being in New York City. It is my happy place. I love the energy, the people, walking everywhere, the food…oh how I love the food, and I love being able to walk off the food. I just love, love, love New York. Some days…many days…I could kick myself for ever leaving it. What was I thinking?

Second thing and I know it should be my first, and if I could have my dog in New York City that would be unbelievable bliss. My dog makes me so happy. I love that she is a little love bug. She gets excited to see me after I take the trash down the hall, or when I come back from doing laundry and every day after work it is as if I have been gone a month. The best is that she snuggles with me in my hammock.

Third thing, Parisian hot chocolate…Laduree and Angelina’s are my two favorite hot chocolate places in Paris, but I love City Bakery and Jacques Torres in New York, which are Parisian style consistency. You drink ANY of those hot chocolates and you will never go back to Swiss Miss again! TRUST ME!!!

Fourth favorite thing, LeVain’s dark chocolate chip cookies! They are huge, dense, crunchy, soft, luxurious and tickle your dark chocolate sweet tooth spot in a way nothing else can, except maybe LeVain’s dark chocolate brioche.

Fifth favorite, make me happy is playing tennis. Sometimes I am a slug getting to the court, but once on the court…bliss! ESPECIALLY and quite frankly ONLY if I am playing with someone who can hit it back to me consistently. Otherwise, not so happy.

Sixth favorite thing that makes me happy and should probably be up the list…the beach! I love the beach. I love to walk along the water’s edge, ankle deep with my dog. Makes me SO happy…The best would be the Siesta Key beach but with dogs…otherwise…I love the Sanibel beach for being so dog friendly.

Seventh thing that makes me happy are the mountains. The first mountains I ever saw were the Swiss Alps. Not a bad way to start. Then my friend Alison had a handful of us out to her family’s place in the Highlands(NC) many moons ago and when I woke up and went downstairs and plopped into a chair and stared at the mountains…it made me smile.

Eighth make me happy, sushi. I swear they put opium or some drug in wasabi that makes me deliriously happy, but I always get happy when I eat sushi.

Ninth make me happy Graeter’s ice cream. Every bite, every time…my dad and I meet at Graeter’s from time to time and we talk about how cool after all these years to be in awe of the same ice cream.

Tenth make me happy, Aix En Provence…I think I am supposed to live there at some point in my life. My friend Sabrina and I used to say we were going to retire to the South of France, but she is fluent and I am not, but I could learn…I can get by…I just loved it down there. I have dreamt about going there for my 50th with a handful of friends and renting a place. I think that would make me happy. The baguettes, cheese and lavender honey would only enhance the happiness.

Definitely try this at home…I am now happy thinking about all my happy thoughts and memories.

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