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DAY 12 - February 14, 2019 -Last Day of the Valentine’s Day Challenge

I had SUCH a nice day!!!

It goes to show you don’t need a "special" man in your life to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!

My morning started with coming to school and discovering these adorable miniature roses from my Secret Buddy. At school, at the beginning of the year. If you want to do secret buddies, you fill out a sheet about yourself...what you like to snack on, hobbies, interests. They assign you a secret buddy and you leave random gifts for that person ALL year. The last day of school you discover who it is! (Last year, I had an awesome Secret Buddy…this year I do too!!!) So, my Secret buddy left me these cute little roses, a baby balloon with a Happy Valentine’s Day on it, but that was not the best part of the gift. The note that told me how loved I was…was the best part. It made my day!!!

Then, I had these cute little kids bringing me Valentine’s Day cards and candy all day long! Who needs a man when you get candy from all these sweet little souls!

AND that was not the best part of the day….they don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day here! Instead we have Student Appreciation Day, because you don’t want just the popular kids getting treats. You want EVERYONE to feel appreciated.

So, we went to the auditorium/gym and the kids sat on the floor and the ENTIRE staff lined up and we got on stage and each and every one of us told the kids as a group why we appreciated them!! We had 15 seconds to do it. I can’t tell you what a great confidence booster that was for our kiddos! THEN…the principal had the photo guru Carol make a video that highlighted EVERY SINGLE kid…every kid that goes to school here was in the video!!! It was so cool! The kids loved it. The staff loved it. It was truly brilliant and to top off Student Appreciation Day…after lunch the kids got to make ice cream sundaes! Who wouldn’t want to come to school here??!!!

So..that made for a cool chunk of the day!

After school, I picked up my pooch and we went to visit a dear old friend of mine to wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

THEN….I went to a cocktail party…I ate shrimp…yum!!!

I ate light ALL day long, because I had a date last night! I had MY BEST AND MY FAVORITE VALENTINE’S DAY date ever!!!

My dad and I went to Graeter’s….best ice cream EVER and they were having a deal and my dad LOVES a good bargain…buy one ice cream sundae and get the second one for free!

The parking lot was PACKED!!! I am telling you some good stuff!!! I had a chocolate chip in my ice cream the size of a small banana. (Graeter’s is famous for mammoth chocolate chunks in their ice cream.)

We ordered Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip with Bittersweet Chocolate on top. We got two spoons and we shared a bowl of ice cream!

It was the first time I have had a chance to spend Valentine’s Day with my dad since I was 5!!!

It was awesome!!!

So to ALL you readers, thanks for helping me get to Valentine’s Day!

Thanks for listening to my stories…I will be back with more at some point.

I am proof that you don’t need a man to make you happy…but you do need a dog!

Catch ya later!

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