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DAY 10 - February 12, 2019

Well, I told you about my dear friend, who is so ill that has a Valentine’s Day birthday, but I actually have TWO more friends that have Valentine’s Day birthdays!

There’s this awesome lady in the building. One of the prettiest ladies in our building. She looks like JoBeth Williams the actress. She wears the coolest clothes and jewelry and always looks chic!

She and her husband were storybook romance. They were in love for more than half a century until he sadly passed. You can tell she still misses him every day!!! They adored one another. It was so cool to see! They were the epitome of soulmates. The thing that was so great about them…is they were great together and equally great as individuals. To protect her privacy, I won’t say her name. But what an amazing woman! She still is constantly learning, involved in the community and is always doing something to better the world. Lots of kids and grandchildren. They all understandably adore her. She has this really cool tradition with a friend of hers that they send each other a box of goodies (and I mean thoughtful, fun, outrageously perfect goodies) on their birthdays and let me tell you…cool things come in those boxes. But she is a very cool person and she was born on Valentine’s Day!

The other friend is really one of my mom’s oldest friends and I will say her first name. Marge. AMAZING, AMAZING artist. AMAZING!!! I love her art. She does mostly sculpture.

She is looney. Wacky. Funny. She is the quintessential artist. She had art painted all over her house. Doors. Walls. She was instrumental in getting the art community moving in Columbus, Ohio.

One time, when I was young and LONG before I learned to eat fish that wasn’t a Paul’s whatever you call it fish stick..I was seated next to Marge at a dinner. I was served salmon. Today, I would devour it. Back then..I starred at it and hoped it would go away and low and behold…Marge leaned over and said, “Do you want that?” I said, “No!” In the blink of an eye, her fork plunged onto my plate into my salmon and in a flash of an eye it was poked and dropped, dumped onto her plate. My eyes were the size of saucers to watch my salmon taken like a frog captures a fly in his tongue. But that being said…many years later I learned to love fish and especially salmon, but even more than salmon and fish…I learned to love, Marge! She’s different, she’s special, she is a crazy talented artist. That just happens to be born on Valentine’s Day!

Three great people that I KNOW of with that V-Day birthdate…can’t be all wrong!

Catch ya tomorrow…for the story of what sealed the fate of V-Day for me!!!

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