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DAY 8 - February 10, 2019

Okay, a few interesting things.

At my school, there are a couple “couples” that I would never expect to get together. ALL are unexpected because they like who they like and they are not being judgmental in the ways people are when they grow up! I love that! It brings me to this point. I notice that boys when they are young, they are sweet, kind, not superficial and then at some point…they grow up and get hurt badly by a girl/woman and take that baggage onto us and we unfortunately don’t get the best of them or the “true” man, because they have been hurt and build walls around themselves…not always, but a lot of the time. Likewise, I think girls/women can be sweet and kind until they get their heart crushed and then they become weary of men. I think it is a shame it happens! I think the world and love would be so much better if we didn’t hurt people so badly that later in life it affects them AND us so much, so negatively. I watch these sweet, nice kids…immature as hell and no business in the love game, because they are too young, and for the most part…I think these couples are more crushes than couples, and nothing beyond that is going on. (Unless I am deluding myself to believe it.) However, I wish they could keep some of that that they hold young, when they get older, because I think it is a better chance at happiness and finding what they truly want and need later. I’m not sure that makes sense!

Now, I can throw ALL of the above away and say if you meet your husband when you are in grade school or high school, you won’t get the jaded man, unless YOU hurt him, but I am a little late for the grade school/high school sweetheart avenue and at that age…neither of you know what you want!!! I KNOW it works for some, but I think life experience is invaluable before settling down. It’s a Catch-22. You meet someone when you both are young and hope you grow together or you meet someone special later after you have had some life experiences and hope they aren’t too jaded, broken or damaged to have a meaningful relationship with you!

I think it is very interesting and telling that the Sap Channel keeps growing by leaps and bounds. They went from Christmas movies to special holiday movies to seasonal movies to a new movie every weekend. They went from only showing movies on weekends to weekdays. They went from weekdays starting at 6pm to starting their love movies at 2pm. What does this say? To me, it says they are getting quite the following and perhaps this is because…people love LOVE! People love a good romance. They want the happy ending. They want to get swept up in the romance. We are ALL living vicariously through these movies and romances. So, to me it says…as much as some of us, myself included, say, “I don’t want or need romance and that I am happy with my dog,” which I AM!! Maybe a small part of me watching the movies gets to have her dog to cuddle with and her romance also!

Catch ya tomorrow….

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