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DAY 7 - February 9, 2019

Just in case you are coming in the middle of this Valentine’s Day challenge or forgot why I am doing this…the reason for this Valentine’s Day Challenge is because I saw a movie about Valentine’s Day and the main character was a writer who hated the holiday and her editor forced her to write about it for 14 days. I, like her, HATE, DETEST, ABHOR Valentine’s Day. I have had a long history of disliking Valentine’s Day for lack of ever having a Valentine and getting dumped ROYALLY, viciously on Valentine’s Day. So, I thought it would be good for me to write about the holiday and see if I can lessen my animosity for it.

Today, on the radio I heard discounts for romantic Valentine’s Day dinners, spa treatments, etc. Years ago, those ads would have been a thorn in my side and hurt me deeply as if I were being sucker punched each and every time I heard them. Now, I know I am so lucky to never have ended up with any of the guys I have dated serious or not, and you may think it is corny and pathetic, but I have a great curl up date with my dog, Dulce, who lets me watch anything I want on television and she is quite the snuggler. And I challenge ANYONE with a man to tell me that man gets as excited to see you when you get home from ANYWHERE as my Dulce gets when I get home from anywhere. Literally ANYWHERE! Heck, my dog gets crazy excited when I come back from taking the trash down the hall! Does your man get that excited when you re-enter your home? I bet he doesn’t jump up and down and whine and wiggle his tail, do a dance and bring you presents? Does he? My dog does!

I know I am a hopeless romantic and it would be great to have a man to snuggle with on the couch or in my case…my hammock…I have a hammock instead of a couch! It would be great to have someone to kiss, but really I feel pretty happy with my loving dog!

Tonight, I was getting on the elevator in my building and a lady waiting for the elevator said to me. “You have NO IDEA how lucky you are to have a dog instead of a husband! Dogs are SO MUCH better!!!” I couldn’t agree more! Now, Dulce will not bring me a Valentine Day card, but she will smother me in kisses!

My dad will mail me a card. He usually sends a card with a box of the heart shaped candy that says things on it that are not going to be out this year for the holiday! Necco, who owned the candy hearts, went out of business, and sold the company and the new company will not have the candy hearts ready until 2020. I think I just found someone else who doesn’t like Valentine’s Day!!! Either that or they are going to try to make them taste better, instead of like chalk, or they found out the red dye on them is not go for us or the environment or both. Either way, it is going to be a candy heartless holiday! At least I will get my Valentine Day card from my dad. And my mom.

See ya tomorrow.

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