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February 4, 2019

So, I am sitting in class today and I am thinking why did I do this? What am I going to write about? Only 10 people read my Valentine’s Day drivel yesterday. And then the guy I work with gave me my needed material.

Let me tell you a teeny bit about him. He has been married for 8 years and seems relatively happily married. He proudly told us one day on his 8th anniversary that he passed the new national average for marriage, which is 7 years. Why in the world am I telling you this? I am telling you this because of what happened today to give me fodder for all of you!

Every day, he walks over to the calendar and previews what is coming up in the next few weeks, month, etc. One of the kids asked about Valentine’s Day and this happily married man went almost apoplectic about the holiday! I get that I hate the holiday. I don’t have a Valentine. I have terrible memories of Valentine’s Days, but Mr. Happily Married for 8 years hating it? I just don’t get it. And then he explained it. He started with Valentine’s Day…WORST DAY EVER!!!

I thought…hmmm…I was not expecting that…I have a new found respect for him. He said it was horrible, because if you are in a relationship like him, you are expected to do something romantic or if you don’t have a relationship (like me) everyone/society rubs it in your face!

I couldn’t agree more!

And then he continued….when it comes to school, Valentine’s Day becomes a popularity contest. The most popular folks get the most Valentine’s and the least don’t! Now, that I can’t relate to because there was only one boy I wanted a Valentine from and usually if not always…he came through! We are talking a school sponsored Valentine-gram is what they called them in my school. You got a note and a carnation. You may have paid 50 cents for one. Now, that was a nice memory. Doesn’t help me…still hate the holiday!

Then my colleague continued, he said it is just painful to watch that one boy or two come to school with the $100 bracelet for the girl he is crushing on and she doesn’t even know he exists or even worse, she finds him repulsive and he gets his heart shattered to a million pieces in front of classmates. (I just want to go on the record to say I never had anyone bring me a $100 bracelet ever, ever, ever. I got a 50 cent carnation and was ecstatic about it. Now, I am even more depressed about this holiday!) His advice to these sweet, sweet kids we teach is: "FORGET ABOUT THIS HOLIDAY!!! LET IT GO BY!! These stories are why we don’t celebrate at my school. Instead we call it “Student Appreciation Day.” We eat ice cream and we appreciate each other and forget the horrors of Valentine’s Day." His words not mine. But I just so absolutely agree with him, but still not sure we should jade the next generation at such a young age!

So, I have an ally in the dreaded holiday tradition. I wonder if he was ever the boy with the bracelet? I had a little girl come up to me today and say, “Should I go tell this one particular boy that I like him? He only likes me as a friend, but maybe if I tell him I like him, it will change it for him?” I said, “NO! Don’t do it.” I know my 4th grade crush memories came flooding back to me. I asked this boy If he wanted to go to May Fete with me, because he was new in town and didn’t know many people and he laughed at me. And it wasn’t a giggle either, it was a full-belly laugh. Bastard. Hate him as much as I hate V-Day! I’m just being honest here!

I don’t want that little girl to feel the pain and shame I felt. I know it is part of life, but do we need that kind of damaging life lesson so fricking early? Isn’t Valentine’s Day every year for a single person enough of a punishment? I just hate this holiday. Okay, I gotta go watch another Hallmark sappy love story movie. Catch you all tomorrow.

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