December 8, 2019

Years ago, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the Apple Circus clowns in New York City. I was sitting on a Board and we gave money to the clowns to support them. These clowns sole purpose is to make sick children in the hospital laugh and smile. Sadly, the Apple Ci...

July 14, 2019

I was working at a temp job in Atlanta…many, many years ago, one of the guys in the office said you do not belong in this job. You look like someone who should be wearing one of those big, floppy hats and sunbathing on a yacht with your fabulously wealthy husband who a...

June 28, 2019

One of the graduating students from where I teach here in Cincinnati was given a Peri the Pelican t-shirt for a graduation gift. I asked him to take a pic in it and send it back to post online. This picture was taken in Bavaria in Germany! Pretty darn cool! Thanks Aida...

March 20, 2019

My mother has been to Mexico six times. (I had never been.) My mom went to all of the places she wanted to visit in Mexico, except for one, Oaxaca. We decided to go last year for my Spring Break. I know I am incredibly late getting this to you, but I wanted to get this...

March 4, 2019

Hi All!

I am back! I decided to do this writing challenge. It is 30 days. 30 different topics. It may not be all 30 if some topics don’t appeal to me, but I think I am up to the challenge.

Feel free to try these topics at home.

My first topic. List ten things that make me...

March 2, 2019


The biggest mistake I made about visiting San Diego (SD) was going to the best spot first. La Jolla. Everything thereafter pales in comparison. I was staying in an Airbnb in Bird Rock. I rented the car. I drove from the airport to La Jolla and I turned a corne...

February 15, 2019

DAY 12 - February 14, 2019 -Last Day of the Valentine’s Day Challenge

I had SUCH a nice day!!!

It goes to show you don’t need a "special" man in your life to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!

My morning started with coming to school and discovering these adorable miniat...

February 14, 2019

DAY 11 - February 13, 2019

Well, it started this morning on the radio talking about Valentine’s Day. You should do this for your spouse. You should do this for your boyfriend or girlfriend. I was gagging a bit.

The funny thing at school was a bunch of boys came and sat a...

February 13, 2019

DAY 10 - February 12, 2019

Well, I told you about my dear friend, who is so ill that has a Valentine’s Day birthday, but I actually have TWO more friends that have Valentine’s Day birthdays!

There’s this awesome lady in the building. One of the prettiest ladies in our bu...

February 12, 2019

DAY 9 - February 11, 2019

Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is a super crappy holiday it does have an upside. One of my best friends was born on Valentine’s Day! If she makes it to Thursday she will be 90!

So, I had this super serious boyfriend and he said to me one...

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December 8, 2019

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